i-Voted is a public registry to combat the possibility of disenfranchisement when voting for candidates, issues, referendums, ballot initiatives, etc. The integrity of voting machines in the U.S. has widely been called into question. Twitter account @iVotedUS.

Many citizens throughout the U.S. have expressed wishes for a forum to publicly debate politics and express endorsements, as well as concerns of possible disenfranchisement. That’s why we’ve made a place for you to publicly state your position on candidates, issues, referendums, ballot initiatives, and the like.

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Watch The Man

Watch The Man, a global government injustices watchdog, posts maps of realtime injustices around the globe. Twitter account @WatchTheMan.

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NWO Stop

NwoStop.com, a New World Order news site, is a news aggregator for various prominent alternative media sites. Twitter account @NwoStop. Facebook page +NWO.Stop.

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