PopuListia.us is a crowdsourced, populist wiki intended for grassroots political activists and truth seekers to input factual positions and information on political candidates at all levels of government. Twitter account @PopuListia.

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corporatOCRACY | Corporatism meets Democracy; Wall Street meets Main Street. Twitter account @corporat_OCRACY.

corporatOCRACY is a brand new tool allowing the public to utilize the collective wisdom of an informed citizenry, wielding it as a weapon against crony capitalism. The goal is to allow consumers to quickly review corporations in a matter of moments, thus deciding whether or not to boycott or spend their money with each corporation. It also allows activists and groups to organize in a central location.

The site depends on crowdsourcing; we rely on our visitors to comment and supply any missing, incomplete, or invalid information (i.e. if the corporation has an official Facebook or Twitter page we haven’t listed).

To be clear: we are not against capitalism. Real capitalism, that is. Real capitalism is free markets, without the government picking winners and losers, and granting corporations special privileges with taxpayer money. What we are against is corporatism.

Our first order of business was to add all Fortune 100 corporations to the site. Next on the game plan is to add all Fortune 500 corporations, as well as other corporations of interest.

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Truth Transcripts

TruthTranscripts.com, a Liberty transcripts site, is a textual archive of libertarian A/V. Twitter account @TruthWords. Facebook +TruthTranscripts.

TruthTranscripts.com mission: to textually document, in transcript form, the information put forth in audio and video format by LIBERTY-loving individuals such as Ron Paul, Alex Jones, Michael Badnarik, Peter Schiff, Ayn Rand, Murray Rothbard, Milton Friedman, Ludwig von Mises, Friedrich Hayek, Lew Rockwell, Andrew Napolitano, Tom Woods, John Stossel, Stefan Molyneux, Bill Hicks, George Carlin, Mark Dice, Paul Craig Roberts, The Love Police, Aaron Russo, and others.

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